Friday, June 11, 2010

Super Playboy

Developer: Funever Games
Programmer: Vincentius Dimas
Art and Animation: Tegar Ariprabowo
Music: Ricky Cussoy
Site: Funever Games
Genre: Action
Size: 9.09 MB

Super Playboy

On a superhero planet somewhere in the universe, there was a man with great powers. He had a beautiful girlfriend, but still he cheated on her! Some day, our superhero was caught hanging out with another girl. So his girlfriend, using her special power, sent him to Earth in medieval era. And then the trouble begins..

- LEFT / RIGHT arrow key = walk then run.
- UP key = jump (fly when running).
- DOWN key = duck (defense position).
- Hold UP then DOWN key (while in air) = drop yourself to do an earthquake.
- [A] = bounce back arrows and rocks.
- [S] = hit (swrirl while running, uppercut while ducking).
- [D] = grab barrels (release to throw).
- SHIFT (while running or flying) = crush attack.

Grab special bonus hidden in barrels (tornado and rage mode, life and energy points).

Super Playboy Super Playboy Super Playboy

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  1. ini game buatan sendiri bkn??
    koq indonesia flash game tpi pake bahasa inggris yah..??
    tpi keren koq judul gamenya.. jdi pengen download.. hehe ^^
    mampir yah..

  2. Bukan buatan sendiri, tapi buatan rekan-rekan lain. Ini khusus game flash buatan developer lokal, tapi pangsanya internasional. Sebagian malah semapt jadi front page di newgrounds, atau dapat penghargaan internasional seperti Cube Collosus tempo hari.


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