Saturday, March 20, 2010

Civet's Odyssey

Publisher: Belugerin Games
Programmer: Agung Cahyono P
Designer: Arief Raditya P
Artist: Jotter production
Site: Belugerin Games
Genre: Adventure
Size: 6.75 MB

Civet's Odyssey

One day a gust of wind suddenly grabs and blows away the belongings of your two best friends. As your friends are left in tears you decide to help and recover the missing items.

Point-and-click to solve the quests and riddles, there are three different endings in this game.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hamster Rush

Developer: Agate Studio
Programmer: Yuliana
Designer: Ferry
Artist: Rie2n
Site: Agate Studio
Genre: Mini Game
Size: 2.82 MB

Hamster Rush

Run hamster run!!!

How to Play:
Left/Right = Move
To finish a level, reach the endpoint without getting caught by the snow monster. You can see how far the monster is behind you by looking at the top of the screen. As you run, your snowball will get bigger and bigger. Hitting rocks and trees will shrink your snowball and slow you down.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Valthirian Arc

Developer: Lucidrine
Programmer: Fandrey
Artwork: azraelee, archeia
Composer: Fandrey
Site: Lucidrine
Genre: Simulation RPG
Size: 5.05 MB

Valthirian Arc

The time for relocation of Principals in the Valthirian Academies has finally arrived and you have been chosen as one of the new Principal!

Enroll new Students, Oversee their training, assign challenging Quests, give Exams, Grow your Academy, Graduate quality Students to rack up Fame and fulfill the greedy king's expectation!

Prove yourself to be worthy of the title Principal!


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