Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sim Taxi 2

Programmer: Wandah
Graphics : toxic boy, kauwan
Coding : Wandah
site: Wandah.com
Genre: Simulation
Size: 3.73 MB

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Another day in the big city from a taxi driver's point of view. Look out for passengers and deliver them to their destinations as fast as you can, and without damaging your taxicab too much.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Sky Fire

Programmer: Soybean
Artist: Ion-Rei
Music: Fandry
Sponsor: GamesFree.com
site: Soybean Soft
Genre: Shooting
Size: 1.8 MB

Sky Fire

Game Description
A horizontal pixel shooter in long ago ages where men fly on fyre dragons. Play as Rhinn, the Fyre (dragon) rider of Aradu and help repel the invasion of monsters from a different world. Includes 4 upgradable fyre dragons, 6 minibosses, over 30 monsters and a secret bonus level.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Battle Gear 2

Game Sponsor: BubbleBox
Game Designer: Belugerin Games.
Game Artist: Awaken Dreams Studio.
Game Programmer: Arief Raditya P.
Level Designer: Arief Raditya P.
site: Belugerin
Genre: Strategy
Size: 8.57 MB

Battle Gear 2

The follow-up to the hugely succesful Battle Gear strategic warfare game by Belugerin Studios.

Your goal is once again to conquer the world. One of the developments in this follow-up is the introduction of alliances (USA, Europe, China, Russia, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Indonesia) which you can control to attack various parts of the world.

Game Instructions:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drag Bike Manager 2

Developer: Niki (GodOfVaganza)
Genre: Racing Manager Simulation
Size: 2.66 MB
Site: godofvaganzagameware

Drag Bike Manager 2

Author Comment:
The long-awaited sequel to drag bike manager is finally here! Now with more bike, umbrella girls, and more features. Hope you enjoy the game!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chomping Chimp

Developer: UB
Music: Battleshield
Genre: Mini game
Size: 395 KB
Site: -

Game Description:
Chomping Chimp - Charlie the chimp is really hungry! Help him swing from tree to tree on his rope, collecting all the tasty fruits! Use your mouse to play.ps will be shuffled and player should find the cup that has the button below it.

How to play:

Pirate's Club

Developer: Jasprelao
Genre: Mini game
Size: 1.03 MB
Site: -

This game will improve your concentration and focus.
There is a button and it is hidden below one of several present cups.
These cups will be shuffled and player should find the cup that has the button below it.


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